FOTK Pandemic Updates

The Friends Of The Kids Board of Directors is pleased to announce we have been hard at work supporting the children at the shelter throughout the entire Pandemic. Being unable to visit the shelter in 2020, we provided the supplies needed by using Amazon as our primary vendor. Their delivery service had daily access to the shelter, and carried well over $3,100 of everything from school supplies to food stuffs, to Christmas presents.

For 2021, we were able to make use of the newly acquired FOTK trailer (supporter sponsored) to take ANOTHER $3,100 worth of goods to the shelter on Saturday the 23rd. And Jeannie, Nancy, Ali, and Mike have just completed a shopping trip to gather Christmas presents that we will deliver after the Thanksgiving holiday. That along with the Amazon delivered Christmas tree and decorations we sent them will be another $1,000+ in support for our kids.

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